KA - 802 Power Amplifier
KDA 2402 Power Amplifier
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The Kempton KDA Series Power Amplifiers are designed and engineered by FBT, Italy. The Kempton KDA 2402
features  Class D  circuitry in a 1 rack space design, only 12" deep.   The KDA 2402 is both fan and passively passively
cooled with all output components directly mounted to the heat sinks to provide optimum cooling and prevent thermal

The Kempton KDA 2402 features a summed L&R Channel Balanced MONO Speakon Output jack for a simple and quick
connection when the KDA 2402 is used in a bridged mono mode.

An additional feature is the inclusion of Balanced XLR Male Left & Right Channel Signal Thru outs, allowing use of short
balanced XLR cables to connect and pass signal thru to additional KDA 2402 and or KDA 1002 power amps.
A very handy feature when using multiple amps in an installation or for mobile power amp racks.

The KDA 2402's Switch Mode Power Supply features top quality components to provide high current energy  in both
stereo or bridged mono modes to minimize clipping and distortion.

*All Kempton KDA Series Power Amplifiers feature a 3 yr. Parts and Labor Warranty.(*in the USA)

Key Features

  • 1 Rack space design, 12" deep
  • Passive and Fan cooled: 4 micro fans provide additional cooling to reduce heat and prevent thermal shutdowns
  • Class D:  Design circuitry with only <0.08% THD.
  • Front mounted volume controls for easy access
  • Front mounted LED's: protection, short circuit, limiter,  bridged mono
  • Balanced XLR inputs, Balanced XLR Signal Thru Outs
  • Professional Speakon  L&R channel output jacks and Bridged Speakon Mono Output Jack
  • Stereo - Parallel- Bridged operation modes via Switch
  • Switchable input sensitivity switch @26dB, 29dB, 32dB
  • High Pass Filter Switch:@30Hz
  • Built in resettable circuit breaker
  • 3 yr. Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Designed and engineered by FBT, Italy.  FBT has over 48 yrs. of experience in designing, engineering
          and manufacturing power amplifiers.


  • Continuous Power: 600w RMS @ 8 ohms Stereo, 1000w RMS @4 ohms,2000w RMS @8 ohms Bridged
  • Impulsive Power: 800w RMS @ 8 ohms Stereo, 1200w RMS @4 ohms,2400w RMS @8 ohms Bridged
  • Frequency Response:@-1dB 20Hz- 36kHz
  • THD:<0.08%
  • Input Impedance: 20K balanced
  • Damping Factor:>280
  • Signal to Noise ratio: A weighted >100dB
  • AC Current Draw: 10A
  • Dimensions: 19"W x 1.75" H x 18.1"D
  • Net wt.: 15 lbs.